From the Director

Response to the Orlando Mass Shooting

I am sick in my heart. Words are difficult,” writes The Armor of Light director Abigail Disney. “I have always felt a special warmth for Orlando and its people because of the time I spent there as a child. I saw Disney World get built, stood by my grandfather at the ribbon cutting, and years later, watched my own children fall in love with its special charms. I’ve also sat in shock and despair as Florida’s gun laws have descended into madness. Continue >>

Rob Schenck and Lucy McBath

Director’s Statement

Read about the process Abigail Disney took to explore the moral and theological questions of gun violence in America in directing THE ARMOR OF LIGHT. “I was raised in a filmmaking family. We talked about “story” and took apart other people’s films over dinner. To me, it was just business, and I didn’t think about making my own films. So when I did come to filmmaking I came to it late, and then only because I had run across unbelievable stories that had to be told—remarkable people that had to be known. Continue >>

Rob Schenck and Lucy McBath

Faith Testimony

“I have spent a lifetime in struggle with the idea of faith,” writes Abigail Disney. “Faith, as it was modeled for me in childhood, was an inscrutable concept. It was something you were born with and never questioned. You either had it or you didn’t, and if you didn’t there was something wrong with you. I spent many a Sunday morning in mass waiting and hoping for some of that magic juju to rain down on me from the pulpit, and it simply never did. ” Continue >>