While these testimonials and anecdotes are direct responses to The Armor of Light, we feel these comments represent the perspective of the conservative Christian audience we’ve engaged with on the issue of gun violence over the past year. If the film has touched you as it has these church leaders and congregants, please share your feedback at write to info [at] armoroflightfilm.com. 

Conservative Press

“It’s like a baby step toward a better conversation on screen, so you know it may be worth seeing even if you disagree with it.”

– Christian Toto, NRA News

“As a proud gun owner and Second Amendment supporter, I was prepared to be offended and defensive. However, the film was not aimed at my rights or regulations. The film asks for a conversation about a culture of fear that creates the hunger to pack a gun and be ready to put somebody down. Reverend Schenck seems to be saying that being a Christian and being okay with the level of gun violence in this country is not logical or theological. Gandhi said, “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.” If you are not yet blind, you might want to holster your weapon and see this movie. I still have my gun, but this movie opened my eyes, and for that reason I must give it 4 1/2 stars out of 5. If your fear of your fellow man keeps you from this conversation, then you may not be a Christian and you may not see the light.”

– Tom Basham, Bash Movies

Evangelical Mega Church Pastors and Christian Influencers

“I’ve watched the documentary, The Armor of Light, and I’ve spoken personally with Rev. Rob Schenck. I commend Rev. Schenck for looking at America’s gun culture through the eyes of deep Biblical faith and for bravely countering the fear and violence that too often mark that culture.  I join him in seeking a more consistent ethic of life and a more earnest commitment to the fearless and loving way of Jesus.” Read her full review here.

-Lynne Hybels, Advocate for Global Engagement and spouse of Pastor Bill Hybels
Willow Creek Community Church (approx. 22,500 member congregation)
South Barrington, IL 

“I am hosting the Armor of Light pre-screening because Abigail Disney, the director and executive producer, is one of the most interesting and intriguing persons in America. This film is worth viewing simply because it is the product of Abigail’s head, heart and soul.”

-Pastor Kirbyjon Caldwell, spiritual advisor to George W. Bush
Windsor Village United Methodist (approx. 17,000 member congregation)
Houston, Texas 

“What a tremendous film Abby Disney has created in The Armor of Light!  Not only is it moving, it stimulates productive conversation among Christians and non-Christians alike.  I applaud Rev. Rob Schenck’s humility and his desire to look toward God’s Word when it comes to the increasing issue of gun violence in our nation.  As a Christian leader, Pastor, and Chaplain, I welcome this conversation.  It’s important — as is this film.”

-Pastor Mike MacIntosh
Horizon Christian Fellowship (approx. 12,000 member congregation)
San Diego, CA 

“I applaud Abby Disney and Rev. Rob Schenck for wanting to start a conversation within Christian leadership about the tragedy of gun violence and how to approach it from a spiritual and moral perspective.  This is a must see film.”

-Dr. Garland Hunt, pastor at The Father’s House Church and
former President of Chuck Colson’s Prison Fellowship Ministries
Atlanta, GA

Screenings Viewers

“Thank you for your moving work. I am forever grateful to those who push me to think outside of my comfort zone.”
– Student at Carson-Newman University, a Christian college in Tennessee

“West Virginia is a state with a long history of hunting and many gun owners, so we knew the movie would serve as a bridge into additional communities. We had a faith leader on our panel and he is interested in screening the film for his congregation.  It was helpful to have another voice – a conservative voice – talking about the need to think differently about guns in our midst.”

– Screening host, St. Albans, WV

“Of the various films on gun violence that are readily available, this is one of the very few that has theology as a central focus. Thus it provides an excellent basis for looking at the issue from a perspective that is often ignored. Several clergy who saw the film remarked that it should be shown to all clergy. Prior to screening we stresed that while the film has a Christian focus, it is relevant to all people of faith and personal conscience.”

– Host of Wilmington, NC Screening

“Most conversations I have had about gun violence have been focused on political agendas, statistics, and history. While politics and history are of course relevant to the discussion, as Christians we should allow God’s Word and what we believe about Him to lead this conversation. Unfortunately, having that happen was a unique and new experience for me, thought-provoking, powerful, and important.”

-Screening attendee, Washington, DC 

“In an age of escalating polarization and divisive rhetoric, it was heartening to witness people of different views engage in thoughtful dialogue, informed by civility, faith, charity and a mutual respect for our common humanity.”

– Screening host, New York, NY